How do you determine which mattress is best for you?

The most important factor for those who sleep on their backs is firmness and support. If your mattress is too soft, your body will sag and cause back pain.

How do you determine which mattress is best for you?

The most important factor for those who sleep on their backs is firmness and support. If your mattress is too soft, your body will sag and cause back pain. You will need one that is gentle enough to relieve pressure, but at the same time provides enough support. On a scale of 1 to 10, the perfect range would be 5-7.Combination sleepers are in more than one position during the night.

Usually, they should choose a mattress depending on the position in which they spend the most time. If there is no main position, Medium Firm offers the best bet in all sleeping positions. These sleepers should also look for a mattress that is responsive and that facilitates movement in bed. Consider your sleeping position and weight when deciding what your best level of firmness is.

For example, if you sleep with a light stomach, you can choose a medium firmness to compromise between soft and firm. Other factors you should consider when finding the perfect mattress are the body and type of bed. The best mattress for side sleepers is usually those with a softer profile, because side sleepers typically require beds that relieve pressure and fit the sides of their body. Alternatives to consider include latex and other types of foam that respond well to movement.

Hybrids also tend to make beds more responsive, as they combine innerspring support with layers of foam comfort. Your body type can also affect the level of support you need from your mattress. Have you decided how much you want to spend on your new mattress? Do you understand their essential characteristics, such as body type and sleeping position? Once you mark them, you can start thinking about the specific characteristics of the mattress and, in fact, there is a lot to consider. While hybrids may not be the best option for people who need very soft beds, they work well for many body types and sleeping positions.

Its construction also allows greater air flow than mattresses made entirely of foam, so hybrid mattresses often maintain a more comfortable temperature for sleeping. Foam mattresses tend to isolate movement better than other types of mattresses, but if you don't want an all-foam bed, look for a hybrid with individually wrapped springs. People who sleep less than 130 pounds should look for a soft or medium soft model that provides contouring without sinking too much. People who weigh more than 230 pounds should give priority to a mattress of 7 or more, unless they sleep on their side frequently.

Combined sleepers of all weights who tend to prefer to sleep on their side may prefer a mattress with a little more contour. Our sleep quiz is a great way to find out your preferred comfort preference. Once completed, you'll receive a handful of recommendations that aim to make you the best mattress for your sleep style. Think twice before buying a hard or firm mattress.

Some research has shown that the best mattress for low back pain is a medium-firm mattress rather than a firm mattress. 1 There is a difference between a firm support and a firm feel. You want firm support with a comfortable feel. Comfort will be determined by your personal preferences.

This site is for educational purposes only; no information is intended or implied to replace professional medical advice. The information is produced and reviewed by more than 200 medical professionals with the goal of providing reliable and unique information for people with painful health problems. You can also consider replacing your mattress if you want a larger mattress because you are moving to a larger bedroom or are thinking about starting to share a bed with your partner. Best Mattress for Back SleepSaatva Mattress Saatva's coil-on-coil construction provides a classic innerspring feel.

However, most of all, I think combination sleepers will want to consider the rebound and mobility of their mattress. If a mattress is too soft, the torso may sink deeper than the upper back and lower body, and this U-shape can create tension. If you want to relieve pain at key pressure points, look for a mattress that gently conforms to your body when you lie down. If you have a small to average body type, you can sleep on a foam or hybrid mattress.

We show you how to select a mattress for optimal sleep quality, including how to choose a mattress that is the right size and that fits your preferences for comfort, body type and sleeping position. The Luxury Plush side of the mattress offers good pressure relief for side sleepers, and its Gentle Firm side provides additional support for back and stomach sleepers. Here's what you need to know about spring, foam and hybrid mattresses, and what type works best for you. But if you decide to roll the dice and buy completely online, we suggest you opt for a two-sided mattress with multiple firmness options or a mattress with a solid and lengthy return policy.

Durability is important for people who sleep of any weight, but people who weigh more than 230 pounds can cause more wear and tear on the top layers of a mattress. Visit Helix Average customer rating 4.6% 26g; 5 best mattresses for side sleepers Shelix Sunset Luxe mattress The Sunset Luxe is the softest model in the Helix Luxe line. . .

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